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General Questions Answered


The Difference


Cost is the big one for most people. For one-to-one coaching, prices start from £20 to £50 per hour. Two sessions per week over a year  (not including gym membership) would cost an average of between £173 to £433 per month.

Our online prices are much lower. Between £100 and £120 per month.


The challenge of finding a coach local to you with the skills required to help you achieve your goals is great and to find one who has the experience, knowledge, and ability to motivate you is even greater.

It's becoming easier and easier to find a coach online who will fit your needs. With everything being completely online, you can train with whomever you choose and still have that personal connection as you would one-to-one.


Additionally, you will have 24/7 support, where ever you are in the world.

The Service

With One to One Personal Coaching you pay for one-to-one sessions, and you’ll receive them. You might not get anything else, though.


With online coaching, you get a whole lot more for your money.  You will get a training plan that you can access any time of the day, a method of contacting your coach 24/7, 365 days a year, and more guidance toward hitting your goals, and much, much more.


You will have your very own exercise plan on your mobile device, which takes you through every exercise during your workout as though you had your very own personal coach right by your side. And you can have access to your coach and training plans where ever you are in the world, any time you want them.


In our opinion, Online Coaching is better than one-to-one coaching based on the price and the service you’ll receive. With the constant rise and power of technology, the future of the fitness world is incredibly exciting!


Is it right for you?

What is it?

Online coaching incorporates, through an application on your mobile device, a custom-made training plan. You have 24/7 access to your personal coach, who will provide you with support, expertise, and motivation throughout your journey.  You will be provided with feedback in the form of messages from your coach and statistics through graphs and tables to show your progress.

Who is it not for?

Online Personal Coaching is generally for people with a reasonable level of knowledge of exercise and training.  It's not always ideal for people who have never exercised before or even stepped into a gym. With online coaching, you'll not be seeing someone in person; for this reason, it can be easier to hide away and avoid training and dieting. Therefore, if you know that you seriously lack self-discipline, you might be better off working with someone face-to-face. 

The Pros.

Cost-effectiveness - Prices are generally around £100 to £120 per month when we compare this to one-to-one coaching it's less than half the price.


With Online Coaching you can work from anywhere in the world.

You get a custom-made training plan that is with you all the time, through your app'. it is structured and designed with you and your preferred training location in mind, with instructions and videos to show you how to do every exercise as well as 24/7 support from your coach.

The Cons.

You will not have a coach with you during your training to put you right if your form is off or to motivate you .

You'll need to have more self-drive as you will not have a coach waiting for you at the gym, so you need to be a lot more motivated to get yourself to the gym and pursue your goals. But the app', we have found, with the support of your coach is enough to get anyone motivated.


If you know you can adapt to the online system and you have the discipline to get yourself to the gym and to motivate and push yourself when you are in the gym, with the plan you will be given, then online coaching is definitely for you.

So if you want to commit to your health, fitness, and future, then get in touch straight away, and let's chat.

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